Analysing the Use of Acupuncture in Smoking Cessation

Yazar/lar: Fung Kei Cheng

DOI: 10.15805/addicta.2019.6.2.0017

Yıl: 2019 Cilt: 6 Sayı: 2


With an increasing population experiencing tobacco dependence, an enormous public health medical cost has been induced due to first-hand, second-hand, and third-hand smoking. A variety of instruments are available to aid in smoking cessation, including standard and adjunct therapies, for which acupuncture constitutes a safe and economic measure. Offering an overview of this traditional Chinese medicine practice, this literature review analyses 27 clinical studies, covering 15,794 participants aged 15-84 years old from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The outcomes reveal the effectiveness of acupuncture in minimising cigarette cravings, tobacco consumption, and nicotine dependence, through either a single employment of this method or a combined treatment method. Suggestions for research and practical implications to improve the usefulness of acupuncture in dealing with smoking-related health are given.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Cigarette • Complementary and alternative therapy, Nicotine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Tobacco control

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