Proposed Gaming Addiction Behavioral Treatment Method


DOI: 10.15805/addicta.2016.3.0108

Yıl: 2016 Cilt: 3 Sayı: 2


This paper proposes a novel behavioral treatment approach using a harm-reduction, moderated play strategy to treat computer/video gaming addiction. This method involves the gradual reduction in game playtime as a treatment intervention. Activities that complement gaming should be reduced or eliminated and time spent on reinforcing activities competing with gaming time should be increased. In addition to the behavioral interventions, it has been suggested that individual, family, and parent counseling can be helpful in supporting these behavioral methods and treating co-morbid mental illness and relational issues. The proposed treatment method has not been evaluated and future research will be needed to determine if this method is effective in treating computer/video game addiction.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Internet addiction, Internet Gaming Disorder, Video game addiction, Computer gaming addiction, MMORPG

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